Our trips are designed to get children, teenagers and adults alike actively involved in marine biology and environmental projects and research.

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Red Sea Eco-expedition


„Adventure learning” with K4O

Reviews by our participants

Since I was little, the protection of sea and ocean life has been important. Many times we just get from nature, or we use it to the point of suffocation. That’s why I applied so that I could give something back to nature under Emil’s leadership. Emil taught us a lot, we learned a lot about the wildlife there. I loved every moment of the tour, but if I could single out one, it would be swimming with the whale sharks. Swimming with 6-8 meter sharks in the middle of the Indian Ocean is an unforgettable experience. I really loved the tour, I hope I will be able to take part in many more Adventure Learning.


I want to be a biologist and I had a great desire to see the jungle. It’s really cool to program in the primeval forest under the guidance of a biologist! I learned a lot from Emil about marine life, environmental protection, ecology. I will never forget how we swam with the huge whale sharks! I hope to go elsewhere in the world under Emil’s leadership.