Emil Karath

conservationist, high school student

Emil is a 14-year-old high school student who has been diving for a year. 

Admire the underwater world. Considering rescuing coral reefs is an important and exciting task.

Panni Karath

conservationist, student

Panni recently passed her first diving exam and enthusiastically joined the team

Aron Balazs


Lena Balazs


Emil Karath

founder, biologist, ecologist, filmmaker

Emil is the leader of our professional team. He has been diving since he was 14 years old. He has pursued one of the most interesting disciplines in diving for decades and has won podium finishes at several World Diving Championships and European Championships. He is more than a 50-time Hungarian champion.

In 1997, he participated in the first worldwide coral reef research. Since then, he has been involved in a number of international marine research from the Caribbean to the Pacific. “I’ve been walking the oceans for decades and experiencing with my own eyes how the wildlife of the seas and oceans is going through, especially over the last few decades. I would like to involve young people in research and projects that will help reverse the destruction of ocean life. “

Monika Molnar


Monika directs the team in the background.

She makes sure she collaborates with projects supported by K4O and that
the youth can participate in as much research and adventure as possible.

Lili Pap

biologist, ecologist

Lilianna studied marine biology in Stockholm, then she moved to Australia where she researched the effect of climate change on coral reefs, for more than 6 years while living and working on the Great Barrier Reef. She took part in coral restoration, oceanic parasite research, monitoring of coral species, and sea turtle study while working at the University of Queensland.

She started diving more than 17 years ago and took part in teaching at commercial dive centres. She gained her bachelor’s degree as an environmental engineer. Then she work part of a small research group in Hungary where they researched freshwater ecology and biodiversity.

Tracy Candish Coni

underwater photographer,


Tracy is originally from the United States and began her diving career in the kelp forests of Monterey
Bay, California.

For the past 27 years, she has lived on Grand Cayman Island, with her husband Sergio Coni, in the
Caribbean photographing the amazing underwater world.
Her passion for the ocean and photography has also led her around the world to Costa Rica, Philippines,
Bahamas and Indonesia.
“If I can show people how amazing the underwater world is, I know they will care as deeply as I do to
protect it”

Sergio Coni

underwater photographer, Don Foster's Dive operation manager

Sergio started diving at age 15 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He arrived in the Cayman Islands when he
was 29 and continues to teach Scuba Diving.

He has recently brought a unique diving practice called
“Black Water Diving” to the island. This is a specialized drift diving experience at night over deep water
but diving shallow to see the larval and pelagic creatures that rise to the surface each night.
His passion is to show others the ocean’s delicate balance and how amazing it truly is.