Future generations have the chance to protect our oceans.

The Kids for the Oceans Organization was formed with the purpose of bringing awareness to future generations about the dangers that marine ecosystems are exposed to.
We offer initiatives where the youth would be able to actively participate in the preservation
of marine life. We would love to see more and more people join us.
It is highly important to us to ensure that younger generations would not only be mere witnesses of environmental protection causes. Personal experience and questions that are
being directly answered by biologists and experts working on-site leads to a better understanding of the environment and its protection.
In addition of gaining precious first-hand knowledge and investing their work, children would also encourage adults who are sensitive to this topic and companies that are dedicated protectors of the environment to provide financial support.


While in the 1980s we could still observe large predatory fish and seahorses in the Adriatic, nowadays it is considered an absolute miracle to ever meet these species while diving. The main reasons for this are excessive overfishing and current pollution levels. In 1997, a worldwide study was conducted to examine the effects of humans on coral reefs. One of the biologists taking part in this research was a member of our team.
The following year, 70-90% of the coral reefs were bleached and destroyed by the effects of the El Nino climate, due to a warm sea current. This was the first time that such a sudden and large-scale destruction could be observed. The ever-growing tourism as well as diving tourism also greatly influences the wildlife of even the most remote places. Ecotourism, which is becoming increasingly popular, is trying to eliminate this negative impact in specific areas.
Unfortunately – this is no longer sufficient. A whole new approach is now required. A completely new form of tourism is needed, one that not only reduces the negative impact
caused by humans, but that also has a positive impact on specific habitats.

„The greatest danger to our planet is the belief, that someone else will save it.”

- Robert Swan

Regenerating Tourism

Regenerating tourism is a whole new, sustainable way to travel. Its main purpose is for visitors to have a positive impact on resorts, meaning they leave it in better condition than they found when they arrived. The concept is not to damage nature but to actively renew it. We support projects that we joined, can have a positive impact on the local environment and economy. For example, by regenerating a demolished coral reef around an island, we are not only restoring underwater life but providing jobs and food for local villagers.

Thanks to the fishers, who are fishing with dynamite and other not so environmentally friendly ways, the coral reefs are being destroyed. The demolished corals can no longer provide shelter nor nourishment for the marine life, therefore they leave these areas and the sea turns into a lunar landscape.

Children are visiting places around the world where they can work to rehabilitate underwater areas like the one above. They can create “coral nurseries” in a sheltered place, where small pieces of coral can grow much faster for about 9 months. Once they have grown to the size of a palm, they can be placed in their original location.

The result speaks for itself. Once the children place the growing corals, they will have every chance to re-form the coral reef and the marine life can return to this area.