Mangroves and blue carbon

What is blue carbon? “Blue carbon” is carbon that is stored in
marine ecosystems (as distinct from green carbon, which is
stored in terrestrial forests)….


Parrotfish are colourful tropical fish that spend most of their day eating coral algae. Through this activity, they play a very important role inkeeping the reef clean and maintaining the health of the corals.About 90 species are known to belong to the Scaridae family. They are usually found in the waters of the tropical seas. […]

At night, under the water

This small Caribbean Squid was very curious about the strobes on my camera. He would wrap histentacles around the strobe-like he was hugging it! He stayed with me for a long time. Squid havechromatic cells on their body to communicate with each other. It’s like a light show!!

Filefish peek-a-boo


Filefish like to hide in soft coral branches and they can change their colourand texture to do this. We played peek a boo for a while until he trusted me. But by the look on his face,and his file was up on his head, I surprised him a little! He is showing its ability to […]

Coral Reefs are in danger

Coral reefs are in danger (non-human factors)The greatest global threats to coral reefs are the increased oceantemperatures and changing ocean chemistry because of increasinglevels of carbon dioxide in seawater.Warming temperature causes thermal stress to corals. They lose theirsymbiotic algae – living in their tissue – that produce food for their host,placing big stress on the […]